Are you 100% confident in your network’s security? Is your IT protected from the newest online threats?

Cloud Align’s team will defend your systems from attacks and keep your data and bottom line safe

Cyberattacks constantly increase in complexity and sophistication, so it’s no surprise that businesses across all sectors, even big ones, are struggling to keep up.

If you are not fully aware of your security posture or believe that your business is too small to target, you are at risk of a crippling, perhaps fatal, breach.

Poorly defended SMBs are a prime target for cybercriminals, and the revenue damage from downtime, ransom payments, and weakened reputation is often more than most SMBs can take.

Because of this, engaging with an experienced IT partner like Cloud Align to keep your technology protected is a vital investment that pays for itself.

Our cybersecurity experts will thoroughly assess your current cybersecurity setup and, with your approval, implement policy changes and system upgrades to provide tailored protection.

We’ll also manage and maintain your network and device security, so your systems are secure whether your staff works from the office or remotely from mobile devices.

But putting the best solutions in place is only step one of our cybersecurity strategy. Cloud Align’s team will also monitor your network traffic device behaviour in real time to detect and prevent malware infections and intrusion attempts.

You’ll enjoy IT safeguards and complete peace of mind that you can’t get from off-the-shelf security software or a small internal IT team. 

Get enterprise-grade cybersecurity for an SMB-friendly price and prevent a cyberattack from destroying all that you have worked for

Cloud Align’s Cybersecurity Services protect you from:

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