Cloud Cost Management

Are you wasting money on cloud tools and features you don’t need? Not sure what you should or shouldn’t be paying for?

Our knowledgeable consultants will optimise your spending and make certain you only pay for what you need.

As cloud solutions grow ever more capable and complex, new options, features, apps, and services continue to permeate the business IT landscape.

Each of these come with their associated costs, and with most cloud solutions coming in bundles, it can be easy to lose track of what you are paying for, what you are actually using, and what is providing your business with acceptable ROI.

Worldwide spending on cloud solutions continues to skyrocket, and global researcher Gartner predicts that overspending will grow in a similar fashion. Without optimisation of your cloud spending, you could end up as one of the many businesses throwing money away each month on IT solutions they don’t need.

Cloud Align’s cloud cost management service  includes resource monitoring and optimisation, typically leading to a 20–34% cost reduction from eliminating inefficiencies.

We thoroughly analyse your IT environment to optimise workloads from the outset, and proactively monitor expenditure on an ongoing basis to maximise your cost savings.

Our continual cost management service not only saves you money today, but also ensures your spending stays optimised and controlled as you scale your business.

The vast majority of organisations exceed their cloud infrastructure budgets due to a lack of cost optimisation approaches, poor planning, and a lack of governance. Don’t be a statistic. Partner with Cloud Align and bring your cloud costs under control

Cloud Align specialises in optimising Microsoft cloud platforms in a variety of ways, including but not limited to:

Microsoft 365 Cost Optimisations

Azure Cost Optimisations

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