IT Asset Management

Spending too many resources keeping track of your devices? Is a lack of visibility over your assets costing you money?

We’ll track the status and performance of your IT assets to maximise value and minimise waste

Modern companies like yours require a wide array of hardware and software to perform their operations efficiently in today’s fast-paced markets.

Managing and tracking these IT assets is time-consuming, but if you do it incorrectly, you waste valuable resources on unneeded upgrades, preventable loss, unnecessary purchases, and more.

Even if you have a good idea of your IT assets and their life cycle status, dealing with the manufacturers or vendors for support leads to wasted time and headaches you don’t need.

Cloud Align’s IT Asset Management services organise and document all of your hardware and software.

We’ll also track the life cycles of your assets so you know when they need to be replaced or upgraded to maintain peak performance.

We’ll also act as your liaison to technology vendors, allowing you to get your assets the support they need without waiting on hold for hours. With our management assistance, you’ll never again lose IT devices, lose productivity because of outdated tools, or purchase unnecessary upgrades.

You’ll benefit from fewer risks, as well as a more balanced and predictable IT budget. 

With clear oversight of your IT assets and Cloud Align’s experts managing their life cycles and support needs, you can achieve peak efficiency and conserve resources for use elsewhere

Cloud Align’s IT Asset Management services cover:

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