Why Cloud Align?

Why Choose Cloud Align as Your Technology Partner?

We take the time to fully understand your business and your employees to be able to better serve you.
Our next-generation SMART Service Plans are designed to complement the various Microsoft Modern workplace suites and provide you with maximum ROI on Microsoft technologies.
Security as Standard — all our service offerings are designed from the ground up with Cybersecurity as a core focus, and not an afterthought.
To complement our SMART Service Plans, we provide flexibility through add-on services tailored to your business ecosystem to meet your unique business needs.
Our value to your organisation includes our Virtual CIO SMART Roadmap, which provides a dynamically updated visual blueprint to advance your business at speed.
Using innovative cloud-native technologies, we provide frictionless support, enabling your team to get the assistance they need from us ASAP.
We’ve formulated a “follow the sun” technical support model designed to complement modern workplaces and global businesses, which provide 24/7/365 monitoring and support available from anywhere with an internet connection.
Our carefully selected choice of cloud-based solutions are designed to remove dependency on unnecessary on-premises IT infrastructure and provide you with secure remote working solutions that allow your employees to work securely from any location or device.
We harness the power of AI to simplify IT operations by expediting and automating problem resolution.
To drive value for our customers, we’ve sourced the finest talent and partners in our industry who possess deep technical expertise and extensive knowledge of IT best practices.
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