How We Do It

How does Cloud Align help clients achieve success through digital transformation?

Ensuring your business IT runs smoothly and that problems are fixed promptly is the bare minimum to expect from your technology services provider. Cloud Align goes above and beyond standard services, utilising our unique approach to deliver exceptional solutions. Our philosophy delivers an improved experience and heightened security that make our team easier to work with and our services invaluable. 

Our 3 key principles enable Cloud Align to deliver superior IT services and foster successful, long-term business relationships

Put Customer Satisfaction First

The conventional service level agreements (SLAs) utilised by traditional technology services providers are designed to measure IT performance based purely on service availability. This simple metric is too narrow, and by itself is no longer sufficient for measuring real success. Yet it is still embraced by the average IT services provider. Cloud Align goes beyond the percentages. We define customer success by closely monitoring satisfaction KPIs and continually striving to reduce the amount of customer effort required in resolving issues. 

Extreme Interaction Simplification

Cloud Align simplifies our clients’ technology solutions by leveraging automation to handle frequent, time-consuming, and error-prone cloud management tasks. This frees up our resources and enables our technicians to provide our clients with user-focused support with a human touch. We’ve implemented unique, cloud-based technology to provide each client with a simple and seamless way to request assistance and prioritise their service requests. With this streamlined IT support system, our partners no longer stress about tech problems or the time they waste, because they know we’ll be there to handle issues quickly and simply.   

Cybersecurity at Our Core

As more businesses outsource IT services, the number of sophisticated cyberattacks targeting IT services providers is constantly on the rise. By compromising these providers, cybercriminals gain easy access to multiple business targets. That’s why it is imperative that business managers choose their IT services provider carefully, trusting only those with a solid cybersecurity posture.  

Cloud Align takes a cybersecurity-centric approach to designing any solution to ensure that fundamental security measures are in place for all our clients, regardless of budget. We reduce our reliance on third-party applications, and heavily leverage the award-winning Microsoft Cloud Security ecosystem to reduce the risk of modern threats such as supply-chain ransomware attacks. Cloud Align also embraces a zero-trust approach to resource access, requiring all our staff to be authenticated, authorised, and continually validated before being granted access to applications and data.  

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