Who We Help

Cloud Align’s talented team has the expertise to service the IT of SMBs of all sizes and sectors. However, thanks to our extensive experience, we’ve learned how to help clients in certain industries meet the unique challenges of their markets with targeted, customised IT solutions. Click on your organisation’s sector and find out how Cloud Align meets your specific needs through cutting-edge technology.  

The Cloud Align team possesses years of experience servicing HR and recruitment organisations. We understand the importance of business continuity, security, and standardisation to this sector, and how the benefits of the cloud can be a key differentiator. Our team helps recruitment companies streamline and improve interactions with employees and employers, as well as raise efficiency and cut costs. We do this by:

  • Assisting with cloud-based applicant tracking solutions for review and selection
  • Implementing cloud-based telephony solutions and CRM integrations
  • Facilitating migration to a fully cloud-based IT model
  • Creating and managing virtualised applications and cloud desktops
  • Upgrading legacy file sharing to SharePoint and OneDrive
  • Utilising cloud-based automation and integrations to streamline hiring processes

Cloud Align offers an affordable and effective way to protect the data of your NPO and your donors, as well as free up funds for your cause. Our managed services and cost optimisation offerings will help you do more with limited IT resources without the high costs, and our cybersecurity services will implement multiple layers of cyber defences to protect your organisation from any online threat. And since you only pay a flat, predictable monthly fee, you’ll achieve more control over your IT budget and cost savings you can put to better use.

With Cloud Align as your IT partner, you’ll enjoy:

  • IT management and consulting services that ensure you can extract maximum value from new, out-of-date, or even donated IT
  • Cybersecurity solutions and employee training to defend your organisation from all existing and latent online threats, from IT support scams to ransomware
  • Robust and reliable data backup and business continuity solutions to ensure your vital data is protected from unforeseen disasters
  • Cost-effective, predictable, flat-rate pricing that reduces and stabilises your IT budget

Regardless of medium, the creative world continues its trend of digitisation. Cloud Align will partner with your organisation and assist you with acquiring, implementing, and managing the cutting-edge technology required by your industry to stay competitive. With our IT support services keeping disruptions to a minimum and our advanced, cloud-powered solutions improving your communications, collaboration, and client interactions, you can focus on creating instead of worrying about tech. Better still, our flat-rate pricing and cost optimisation services will keep your budget under control and remove yet another obstacle to your peace of mind and focus.

Partner with Cloud Align and enjoy:

  • A comprehensive suite of cloud services that cover everything from initial migrations to custom development, giving your team countless new tools to create with
  • An IT services provider that knows the importance of cybersecurity and utilises all available countermeasures to protect your business data and intellectual property
  • IT support services that fix your issues fast and for good so you don’t have to worry about tech problems slowing you down
  • Affordable and predictable pricing to keep your budget under control

Cloud Align has experience installing and managing POS systems, guest Wi-Fi, conference facilities, and other hospitality sector-specific technologies. We’re also experts in compliance and cybersecurity in shared spaces, helping clients protect their own data as well as that of their guests. With optimised IT and amenities that are secure and reliable, Cloud Align clients attract more customers while protecting their organisations from reputation- and revenue-damaging compliance and cybercrime issues.

Our cutting-edge technology solutions empower hospitality sector clients to:

  • Provide multiple check-in and check-out options that can be integrated with third-party bookers
  • Improve guest experiences and satisfaction with reliable location-spanning Wi-Fi, business centre upgrades, and much more
  • Increase profits by reducing IT maintenance costs, overspending, and inefficiencies
  • Achieve better scalability to better adjust to seasonal demand and cut unnecessary costs

The Cloud Align team have experience with a wide range of modern practice management, digital imaging, and patient care platforms. Our knowledgeable consultants can also utilise their extensive healthcare industry expertise to help your team manage vendor relationships, revamp your EHR systems, and optimise your communications and billing processes. Our team’s 20+ years of experience with healthcare IT and its unique challenges ensure your systems and processes are fully compliant with relevant regulations and adhere to current industry best practices.

With IT services and solutions from Cloud Align, you’ll enjoy:

  • Increased productivity and efficiency across your whole organisation
  • Lower IT costs and improved profitability
  • Cloud-powered IT solutions that greatly improve quality of care and patient experience
  • Robust business continuity solutions that ensure your patients are never without care because of lost data or IT hardware malfunctions
  • Less stress and peace of mind knowing your technology is in the hands of talented IT professionals with multiple decades of experience

Cloud Align knows how to utilise business technology to reduce expenses, facilitate reliable communication and collaboration, and gather data to improve process efficiency — vital objectives for any transport company to stay competitive. Partner with us, and we’ll show you how technology can add greater value to your business, implement solutions to make it happen, and manage your IT for you, so you can keep your focus on getting things moving. Our IT solutions enable you to achieve real-time visibility over your distribution fleet and warehouses, as well as analytics software to give you the big data you need to find and eliminate inefficiencies.

Cloud Align’s IT services provide transport industry clients with:

  • Quick, responsive IT support delivered remotely or on site
  • Cloud-powered solutions to streamline real-time collaboration and communication
  • Industry-specific tracking and management solutions that ensure smooth delivery processes
  • Comprehensive cybersecurity services and solutions to safeguard business and partner data

With the thin margins of the retail industry, cost reductions and increased efficiency are top priorities, and new technology is the most effective way to achieve them. Cloud Align has experience installing and managing POS systems, public Wi-Fi, inventory and employee management software, and other retail sector-specific technologies. We’re also experts in compliance and cybersecurity in shared spaces, helping clients protect their own data as well as that of their customers. With our IT management and cost-optimisation services, Cloud Align’s retail industry clients enjoy previously unattainable cost savings while maintaining strong cybersecurity.

Cloud Align delivers a host of benefits to our retail industry clients, including:

  • Reliable and responsive IT support that guarantees minimal tech disruptions to your operations
  • Proven, multilayered cybersecurity defences to protect you from current and emerging cyberattacks 
  • An expert team to assist with procuring, implementing, and managing cloud-powered inventory-management solutions and other retail industry technologies
  • Valuable assistance with strategic IT planning from our veteran technology consultants
  • Cost-effective, predictable pricing that reduces IT budget uncertainty and instability

In the financial services industry, efficient and secure handling of client information is a top priority. Partner with Cloud Align, and our cybersecurity services will identify and address your data security risks and empower you to operate securely without fear of a cyberattack. Our cloud specialists can also set up a custom cloud infrastructure that further improves your data security and availability while reducing your operating costs.

With IT services and solutions from Cloud Align, you’ll enjoy:

  • Multilayered cybersecurity defences that keep employee, client, and company data safe from ransomware and other damaging cyberattacks
  • Lower IT expenses, thanks to higher operational efficiency and proactive IT maintenance
  • Top-of-the-line cloud-powered solutions that increase the flexibility and availability of your services
  • Guidance from experienced consultants that enable your organisation to easily achieve and maintain compliance with all relevant regulations
  • Cost-effective, predictable pricing that minimises IT budget uncertainty and instability
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