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Data protection strategies have never been more critical. Having seen the frequency and severity of cyber attacks increase, employing the best practices to increase your data security stance is essential.

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Work with a cyber security company that gives SMBs enterprise-level data security solutions

Small and medium businesses often struggle with keeping up with the latest demands of cyber technology, as they just don’t have the time and budget to implement security policies on that level.

Data compliance in itself has become a full-time job for many small business owners and their teams, with network security being at the top of many company lists. Many recent cyber-attacks have seen massive amounts of sensitive data, including bank account details and other personally identifiable information, end up in all the wrong places.

While smaller businesses often think that it is much less likely they will be targeted due to their size. SMBs are frequently targets of an array of cyber criminals, and the losses incurred can have devastating effects.

Having an innovative, scalable data protection strategy goes far beyond meeting compliance – it’s about protecting the business you have worked so hard to build.

How can Cloud Align help my business with data protection?

Cloud Align work closely with SMBs to ensure they have the best protection from data breaches. We provide managed cyber security solutions that encompass a complete range of data protection measures.

We can work with your company to address internal and external threats, protecting data from getting into the wrong hands. Our team are at the forefront of data protection trends, employing many techniques to protect data, including data encryption, user access management and endpoint security.

We can help with compliance, malware and social engineering attacks

We break down complex cyber language into what it means to you

As proactive partners we go the extra mile to safeguard your data

We'll ensure you have business continuity if you need to recover data

Our managed data protection plans are billed at a simple flat fee

We provide a full range of security assessments and cyber audits

Don't let a data breach cripple your business

A data breach can cripple your business, but even just the threat of one can reduce your productivity. Arm yourself with knowledge by downloading a FREE copy of our eBook, “The Most Destructive Cyber Security Threats and How to Prevent Them”

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Data privacy should never be an afterthought. Working with highly knowledgeable cyber security solution providers to protect your network infrastructure is one of the best investments your business can make in protecting user data.

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Cyber Security - Frequently Asked Questions

Data security refers to the safety of your data. Years ago, this would be similar to locking a filing cabinet, whereas now, it’s ensuring that only authorised users can access your valuable data. Correct data management helps ward off cyber threats and maintain data privacy.

There are multiple areas to consider regarding data protection, including securing mobile devices and personal computers, identity access management and privileged access management.Working with a quality cyber security firm with skilled security teams is an excellent first step to minimising online security risks.

Data security is crucial because, without it, anyone can access your business data with little effort. Using the right cyber security tools mitigates many risks associated with data breaches, including reputational loss.

Making data discovery hard for those without access ensures that data governance policies are adhered to also, which is critical for compliance.

IT security companies will work with you to ensure you have the proper access control levels in place and manage data in a way that provides data loss prevention.

There are many types of data security, but the most important ones are:

  • Firewalls
  • Data encryption
  • Data Masking
  • Data Erasure protocols
  • Authentication (such as MFA – Multi-Factor Authentication)
  • Data Backup
  • Database Security
  • Data Access Management
  • Disaster Recovery

Preventing a data breach can be a complex process, which is why it helps to work with a trusted cyber security company like Cloud Align that can keep your business and personal data safe.

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