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Get Your 100% Free Audit for 360˚ Cyber Security Risk Visibility

Understand your immediate risks and security weaknesses with our FREE comprehensive cyber security audit (normally $3,000)

Attention: Business owners,

Do you have security issues that a hacker could exploit?

Are your staff trained on how to recognise a phishing email?

Did someone in the office click a suspicious link, and now the IT team are trying to figure it out?

Or perhaps you’re confident that your network is secure, but you want a second set of eyes just to make sure.

If this sounds familiar, or you are just curious about your cyber security posture, it makes sense to find out exactly where you stand.

Claim your free cyber security audit today and know where you stand

No obligations.

No catches.

Our clients pay upwards of $3,000 for this audit and report process.

And, for the rest of June 2024, it can be yours… without paying a cent.

So, who is this cyber security audit for, and why are we giving it away for free?

This cyber security audit is for business owners, CTO’s & IT staff of Australian companies.

You may want to know where your IT system stands.

You may need an independent assessment for peace of mind.

Cybercriminals might have already hacked your system, and you have no idea how to manage this.

Or you might be dealing with the aftermath of a security breach and don’t know how to respond.

🚨 If you are experiencing an active cyber security threat right now, call our 24/7 Cyber Security Hotline Now on (02) 4003 7777!

But why are we giving it away for free?

We know many companies won’t require further assistance after our audit and will leave with peace of mind.

There will be others who genuinely do need to take action in one or more areas.

Your free audit will show you precisely what needs to be done.

From here – you may decide to wait or work with someone else.

Or, you may choose to work with us.

And that’s why we are doing this.

We already know that giving this away for free will connect us with great new clients who need our knowledge and assistance.

Either way, you walk away with a free comprehensive report detailing every possible security vulnerability on your network and a clear plan on how to fix it.

What does this free cyber security audit include?

Our in-depth free audit and report will show you everything you need to know about the state of your current system.

Plus - On top of your free audit and report, you'll also receive a FREE 30-Day trial subscription to Avanan, our Next Gen email security tool.

100% Risk-Free Bonus Offer

How do I claim my free audit, valued at over $3,000, and my bonus free subscription?

All you need to do is:

  1. Submit the form below to get started. You’ll be redirected to a calendar booking page. (We can get everything done remotely) 
  2. We’ll start auditing after we install our tools on your network (This is a non-intrusive process, rest assured!)
  3. You’ll get your 100% free report within 72 hours, listing everything you need to know and a complete plan to fix any vulnerabilities. We’ll also walk you through the report at no added cost.

We’ve been doing this for over 20 years. Your network is in excellent hands as a well-established and highly trusted cyber authority.

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