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Protect Your Most Important Asset. Your Data

Create a fortress of protection around your most important business asset, your data.

Dear business protector,

In the last few years, you’ve undoubtedly seen some catastrophic data leaks and cyber attacks in Australia, and globally. 

The aftermath?

Customers have lost confidence in established brands.

Millions of dollars ($$$) have been lost.

Resulting in absolute PR nightmares. 

On a less visible level, thousands of daily threats evolve into data breaches, with real costs for SMBs.

These aren’t highly co-ordinated, well-executed attacks involving multiple touchpoints. 

Most are simply opportunistic attacks, stumbling upon networks left wide open for the taking.  

You must create a fortress around your networks to ensure this isn’t you.

The bad news?

Cyber attacks won’t be magically disappearing anytime soon.

They’re set to increase, because it’s become such a valuable industry.

Cybercriminals exploit any angle they can.

So you must take the proper steps to secure your systems.

As an SMB, you might think,  ‘It won’t happen to my business’… 


“It won’t be a big deal if it happens’

or even, 

“Why would anyone even target us?”

While large-scale organised crime groups targeting large, high-value organisations and high-net individuals, you also have everything that flows down from that.

You may not have data pertaining to global security on your systems, or billions in bank accounts, but your business likely has a lot of things deemed valuable by cybercriminals.

You most-likely have bank accounts, sensitive data, credit cards on file, and trade processes you don’t want to be shared with competitors living in your data sources.

That is valuable information to someone out there.

Like it or not, almost every business that exists is a target.

You need a bulletproof system.

Our guide will get you started.

You will learn:

  • Top #3 ways cybercriminals hack your data
  • Must-take steps to recognise incoming threats
  • How to armour your business against attacks (and what to avoid)
  • Countering business attacks (instant use tips)

By taking these steps alone, you will significantly lower your risk of cyber breach.

Listen, in the real world, you wouldn’t leave a stack of money, valuable client data or every single business secret you’ve worked hard to create sitting on your front desk, would you?

Of course not. 

That’s how you need to look at your network and devices.

With every one of those items mentioned above, you’d have them stored somewhere safe. There is no way you would just give access to anyone. 

You’d probably have them in a safe.

Hidden from view.

In a locked filing cabinet.

That’s why you need bulletproof cyber security measures in place.

Our guide will show you how to:

  • How to avoid incoming threats that could cost your business $100,000’s
  • Eliminate damaging zero-day attacks (and protect your reputation)
  • Identify and remove your most common ‘critical-exploit’ doorways 

Yes, we know.

It all sounds like a lot to contend with.

As a business owner, you already have enough to think about.

We get it.

You’ve landed here because you want to understand and avoid the risks.

You know you need a strategy in place.

You may even be grappling with how to properly implement cyber security compliance.

You might have even tried to get insurance already, and been rejected.

Or you realised that some boxes weren’t ticket along the way.

You want the best protection, so you are reading as much as possible and working out the best path forward.

Where do you start?

Start here.

Our free guide covers the 3 BIGGEST daily risks that businesses like yours face.

It’s quick to read, but will arm you with the knowledge to avoid these common traps.

The landscape is heavy.

  • There are over 500 ransomware attacks every minute globally 
  • The average ransom fee is a staggering $139,000!!
  • Financial costs are up 14% in the last year alone 
  • Over 76,000 cyber crimes were reported last year in Australia
  • Most SMB’s were hit hardest with corporate espionage, fraud and extortion

Our guide shows how many unsuspecting Australian businesses have fallen victim to these attacks.

You’ll have the exact steps to counter these issues.  

Take the right action to protect your business.

Download our free guide now. 

Don’t look back in 6 months after an cyber attack and wish you had acted sooner. Get started now. 

Cyber Threat Cover

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Protect your business from the most common & destructive threats.

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